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Key words : tomato, protein, interaction, interactome

Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are operative in all important cellular functions and biological processes. Identification and characterization of these interactions are fundamental to elucidating the molecular mechanism, signal transduction and metabolic pathway. With the research technique improvement, the overall protein interaction networks (PINs) of several model organisms have been charted. Meanwhile, these established interactomes could be served as repositories to predict PPIs of other species on a genome-wide scale. Here, we construct a Predicted Tomato Interactome Resource (PTIR) by identifying potential PPIs from interacting orthologs in Arabidopsis, nematode worm, fruit fly, human, rice, and yeast. Furthermore, the reliability of individual PPIs was evaluated by shared GO terms, co-expression, co-localization as well as available domain-domain interactions.

PTIR database is implemented in PHP + MySQL + JavaScript, and represents a centralized platform to integrate the information pertaining to protein-protein interaction, functional annotation, ortholog mapping, and domain architecture in the tomato proteome.

Currently, PTIR contains 357,946 non-redundant PPIs among 10,626 proteins, including 6,850 high confidence, 190,762 medium confidence, and 160,334 low confidence interactions.